◎  We Do Not Sell to end users; if you are an end user please contact one of our distributors!

◎ Prices subject to change without notice.

◎ Not responsible for items signed for after pickup or delivery.

◎ Minimum order for $40.00

◎ $1.00 up-charge per gallon to break cases of Snee Manufactured goods.

◎ Returns:

Must have proof of purchase (invoice number) prior to return. No returns after 60 days of invoice.

◎ Damages:

Receipt of damaged merchandise must be reported within 5 days.

◎ Backorders:

Out-of-stock items are cancelled. To backorder merchandise, it must be re-ordered. Backorders can be shipped freight collect or held until our next delivery to your area.

◎ Local Snee Truck Deliveries:

A minimum purchase of  $500.00 is required.

◎ Private Labels:

Private labeling is available. Call for more information.