Cream Furniture Polish: 02 CP

This cream furniture polish cleans wood surfaces while preventing wood from drying out and cracking. Help's maintain the wood's natural beauty. Can also be applied to chrome and stainless steel.

Lemon Oil Furniture Polish: 02 LOP

Lemon oil cleans, polishes and protects the finish on fine furniture, cabinets, paneling, woodwork and stainless steel. Leaves a hard, dry protective finish that will not fingermark, and a shining protective finish. This polish does not contain pore clogging silicones.

Stainless Steel Polish: 02 SP

This surface cleaner and protector forms a protective coating that repels water and prevents penetration of harmful liquids. Also works well to remove grease, film, water marks, fingerprints, and helps to cover scratches. oes not contain acid or abrasives.