(Harahan, La) – A Jefferson Parish business has produced the first disinfectant in the US with a proven kill claim for SARS2-COV2, the cause of COVID-19. Snee Chemical Company received notice on June 3 rd 2020 the COVID-19 kill claim was proven by efficacy testing. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and their raw material vendor stamped final approval of their label July 28, letting production of TACTICAL STRIKE, a disinfectant that kills a long list of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus, be labeled with this important kill claim. Even before documented cases of COVID-19 surfaced in the United States, Snee
Chemical began research and development of a new product designed to keep Americans safe. Tactical Strike is labeled for use in hospitals, nursing homes, airports, airplanes, prisons, gyms and schools as well as for police, fire, and rescue. The disinfectant can also be used on many types of personal protective equipment and gear.

It is a clear, odorless concentrate that dilutes 2 oz per gallon of water to make a gallon of ready-to-use disinfectant for COVID-19. At the two ounces per gallon dilution rate, TACTICAL STRIKE can kill COVID-19 in three minutes. Snee Chemical Company is a third-generation family-owned business based in Harahan, LA. The company was founded in 1947 as a janitorial manufacturing and supply business. Snee manufactures a long list of cleaners for a variety of uses. The
company has been based in Jefferson Parish for 27 years. Products are distributed across the entire United States and into Central and South America.

“We started working on this disinfectant the first week of March. I was very concerned after seeing the effects COVID-19 on Twitter news feeds coming out of China in late January,” Says Mitchell Mark, the owner. “It was very obvious to me that it was just a matter of time before this new virus ended up in the United States.”

“We got to work looking at all of our options and after several weeks ended up picking a blend of four of the newest generation in Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, or Quats for short, to use as the base for TACTICAL STRIKE. These Quats were already approved by the EPA for use in disinfectants and were eventually included in the EPA N list for COVID-19,” Continued Mitchell. “I felt sure, even before the N list was created that this blend of Quats would be effective against COVID-19. Because of the extensive relationship with our raw material manufacturer we were able to procure the Quats needed and begin production of TACTICAL STRIKE with little issue.”

TACTICAL STRIKE can be purchased through janitorial, marine, industrial and food service distributors all over the United States. Snee has a long list of distributors with many being online. Finding the new product can be as easy as searching “TACTICAL STRIKE disinfectant” on your phone or computer.