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We Do Private Labels
Polypropylene gloss stickers or paper. Contact our Design Department.

Freight Free Delivery to some Gulf Coast Cities
Call our Toll Free Number and find out when We'll Be in Your Area.

Custom Blending Available Upon Request
Contact one of our Salespeople, or our Chemist.

◎    Fast Customer Service on Pick-ups and Shipping
◎    Monitored Quality Control on All Snee Chemicals
◎    Wide Selection of In-Stock Chemicals
◎    Open Door Policy in All Departments
◎    Unmatched Cost Effective Quality
◎    Family Owned and Operated
◎    Courteous Employees
◎    Wholesale Only!

Ready to

Fourth generation, Sophie and Mitch Mark are ready to help you buy.

Start the process to become one of our distributors. If you're an end user, we can provide a list of distributors.