Cold Spray Wax: 02 CSW

This car wax can be applied by hand or used through an automatic car wash.

Parts Washer: 02 PW

This cleaner and degreaser is formulated to remove carbon gum deposits and tar from carburetors and other engine parts. Evaporation is reduced by a special vapor barrier blended into this product.

Power Brite Car Wash Liquid: 02 CW

This sudsy car wash can be applied by hand, brush washing or used in automatic car washing machines to leave a bright shine.

Power Brite Liquid Car Wash with Wax: 02 CW/W

Fine waxes have been added to this concentrated liquid car wash. Can be applied by hand, brush washing or used in automatic car washing machines to leave a high gloss shine.

Power Surge Liquid Car Wash: 02 PCW

A biodegradable car wash that can be used for hand and brush washing or applied through automatic spray washing equipment to emulsify dirt and road film without streaking.

Pressure Truck & Bus Wash: 02 TBW

Use to wash cars, trucks, trailers and buses. Can be used on painted or enameled surfaces. Will not harm glass windows, plexiglass or plastic. May also be used for general cleaning on boats, hulls, or decks. May also be diluted for trigger-spraying  cleaning. Repeated use will not have a detrimental effect when used according to directions.

Real White Tire Cleaner: 02 RW

Designed to restore soiled white sidewalls. Can be sprayed or painted on tires then rinsed off with water. Do not allow this product to get on aluminum or alloy wheels.
Caution: High pH, Caustic.

Super Blue Dressing: 02 SBD

Super Blue Dressing is a silicone based tire and interior trim dressing for vehicles. It protects against the sun's rays which dry out, crack, dull, harden and fade materials like vinyl, leather, rubber, sealed wood, and plastic. Ideal for use on rubber tires, bumpers, seals, molding, mats, etc. Concentrate dilutions will vary according to use.


All Purpose Car Wash: 08 PHDC

A sudsy, biodegradable car wash safe for hand washing that dries without streaking.

Metso Green Concrete Cleaner: 08 MG

A high quality powdered concrete cleaner that is effective in the removal of grease, oil and other soils on concrete. This light orange powder contains pine oil and will turn green when activated with water. U.S.D.A. Authorized (C1)

Muscle Man Economical Concrete Cleaner: 08 MM

An economical concrete cleaner that contains alkalies and detergents for fast and effective degreasing and stain removal from concrete. Turns green when activated with water.

Power Surge Pressure Car Wash: 08 CW

This premium, non-streaking car wash was formulated to be used through high pressure auto washing equipment. Will dry with a shine. This product can also be used for hand washing.