Aluminum Brightener & Fiberglass Cleaner: 06 AB

Specifically selected acids and stable wetting agents designed to clean and brighten anything aluminum. Dilute with water for light duty 40 to 1, for medium duty 25 to 1, and for heavy duty 15 to 1.

D/C 550 Rust Inhibitor Concentrate Phosphatizer: 06 DC550

A blend of acids and detergents that neutralizes rust and forms a phosphatized surface that inhibits the reformation of new rust and scales and prepares metal for painting. This rust solvent can be used as a preventative corrosion inhibitor.

Delimer & Scale Remover Liquid: 06 SR

This acid formulation can be used as a scale remover, lime deposits, metal cleaner, milk stone and ice machine cleaner. Safe on stainless steel, glass, and nickel. For cleaning dish machines, steam tables, glassware and nursing bottles, utensils, animal cages and pens, laboratory glassware. U.S.D.A. Authorized (A3)

HDA Coil Cleaner: 06 CC

Scientifically blended to remove grime, mildew, dirt, oxidation and obstruction from copper and aluminum condenser fins. Thick foam expands to flush and force out contamination and debris. This product renews coils, surfaces, deep penetration, fast acting, leaves no residue. Use only when system is shut down.

Muriatic Acid: 06 MA

Hydrochloric acid used to lower pH to proper level in pools and spas. 32% muriatic acid.

Rust Dissolve - Ready-to-use Phosphatizer: 06 RD

Formulated to remove rust from metal surfaces, this compound begins to penetrate the scale and rust upon application and protects them with a fine coating which inhibits further rusting. Excellent for preparing metal surfaces for primer paints or other treatments. This is also a preventative corrosion inhibitor.

Stain Away: 06 SA

Specially formulated to quickly remove rust, hard water stains or mineral deposits. Works great on carpet, upholstery, and all fabrics. It is safe for use on acrylic, porcelain, fiberglass, and metal surfaces, yet always test on a small, concealed area to avoid the possibility of affecting the finish.